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UNICORN VIBES: Birthday Cake Tini-Rooibos

A caffeine-free magical rooibos loose leaf tea infused with vanilla berry birthday cake and rainbow sprinkle vibes. This is such a unique tea because it's part of our "dessert tea" line. That doesn't mean it's super sweet; it just means it's naturally sweet in a subtle way. 

When brewed, UNICORN VIBES is a gorgeous amber color and gives off the comforting aroma of a fresh baked vanilla cake, with moments of citrus and berries. 

Steep a cup or two of this dessert tea at night time or after meals to help fight sugar cravings. The creamy finish of vanilla, berries and citrus satisfies your sweet tooth and your mind will be like "That cake was delicious!" - but guess what? - with no calories. We highly recommend this tea with a splash of milk or cream for the full "cake effect". Enjoy!

Cocktail Inspiration: Birthday Cake Tini

Notes: fresh baked birthday cake, browned butter, whipped cream, vanilla, ice cream, citrus, blueberries, blackberries, honeycomb

Benefits May Include: +antioxidants +fight sugar cravings

Caffeine Level: none

Ingredients: rooibos, flavors, red currants, cornflower petals, confetti sprinkles. Vegan. 

Tea Recipe: "Let Them Eat Cake Latte"

This latte is perhaps our most comforting and sweet-satisfying tea recipe yet. The honey undertones of the rooibos tea mixed with vanilla, berry and citrus - for some reason - yields this gorgeous aromatic tea that literally (and we aren't kidding you) tastes like birthday cake. This is the perfect dessert replacement if you're looking to cut out sweets. It's also great for diabetics and low-carb diets. 

Steep UNICORN VIBES using your favorite Tea Vibes brewing accessory for 3-5 minutes. The longer you steep the tea, the bolder the flavor will be. Remember, no caffeine here so you don't have to worry about over-steeping and feeling jittery. Pour the hot tea into a magical mug, leaving a little bit of room at the top. Add one packet of Stevia, Splenda or Monkfruit Sweetener. Add a splash of cream or unsweetened almond milk. And there you have it. You've so easily just  made our famous "Let Them Eat Cake Latte". 

Oh, and P.S. don't worry about those sprinkles. There's literally not enough in a teaspoon to even equate to a single calorie per serving. They're just a fashion moment. Cuz what's birthday cake without unicorn sprinkles?