Berries & Champagne Oolong Green Tea: BOUGIE VIBES

tea Vibes
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BOUGIE VIBES is an exquisite oolong tea infused with berries and champagne vibes. When brewed, this tea is a light crimson color and gives off a wonderful jammy aroma. Try splashing some sparkling water into this tea, when iced, for a summer spritzer moment or elevating your cocktail game by adding this tea to a vodka soda or gin fizz. 

Notes: fig, dark berries, sweet pomegranate, jam, tart hibiscus, champagne

Caffeine Level: medium

Tea Recipe: "Bubbles N' Bougie"

Create this gorgeous tea cocktail, both effervescent and refreshing, that is sure to impress you dinner guests with its color and presentation. It’s the perfect before-dinner drink since it’s so light; it’s also a great pairing with a tart dessert, such as Key Lime Pie or a Citrus Sorbet. See the full recipe here.

Ingredients: oolong tea, dried pomegranate, hibiscus, dried blackberries, dried red currants, dried plum, dried elderberries, flavors.