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A decadent loose-leaf tea, blended with both black and oolong tea leaves. Infused with dark chocolate and toasted coconut vibes, this tea gives off a slightly sweet and nutty aroma when brewed. Try cutting your sugar cravings by having a cup in replacement of desserts or treats. The creamy finish and rich chocolate notes of this tea will help to satisfy your sweet tooth. It's also a great tea to replace coffee; it's both malty and comforting. *Formerly named Luxe Vibes

Benefits May Include: +antioxidant boost +increased energy +decreased sugar cravings

Caffeine Level: medium

Ingredients: black tea, oolong tea, cocoa beans, coconut, toasted coconut, organic honeybush, flavors, apple, chocolate flakes, sea salt, citric acid, chocolate powder, vanilla. Vegan. 

Backed by our Tea Vibes Guaran-Tea

Every bag of tea you order now (any size) comes with your first few cups on us, in a mini sample pouch for you to try! Brew it up and sip it slowly…love it? Keep it and enjoy every sip. If the tea blend you purchased isn’t your “cup of tea”, simply send back the unopened bag to us for a refund.

*Discounted teas may not be applicable for Tea Vibes Guaren-Tea.*

Every size comes packed in a sleek, eco-friendly pouch, with a hidden, re-sealable zipper, to ensure maximum flavor and freshness. 


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