Healing Sage Serenity™

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This detoxifying loose-leaf tea is infused with a blend of cleansing herbs and revitalizing floral vibes. This tea blend has zero caffeine and we refer to it more as an "elixir", as it has so many healing properties. And we put a lot of intention into creating this unique elevated herbal blend. The most abundant herb in this healing blend is sage. Sage is an antioxidant power house. It's also incredible for your immune system, digestion, and oral health. It's even been known to aide with menopausal side effects.

Benefits May Include: +antioxidant boost  +immune system boost +aide in digestion +improved memory and brain health +improved oral health +reduce blood sugar levels +ease menopausal symptoms

Caffeine Level: none

Ingredients: salvia (sage) leaves, blackberry leaves, wild strawberry leaves, raspberry leaves, reship peels, orange peels, sunflower blossoms, organic rose flowers, organic lavender flowers, organic marigold flowers and blossoms. Vegan. Caffeine-free.

Every size comes packed in a sleek, eco-friendly pouch, with a hidden, re-sealable zipper, to ensure maximum flavor and freshness. 


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