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FRESH VIBES: Jasmine Lavender Prosecco Green
Our delightful loose-leaf green tea is infused with jasmine, southern magnolia and French lavender vibes. This green tea is blended with oolong so you get tons of antioxidants in each serving, too. A lot of places do jasmine tea, but we wanted to do it a little bit differently, but still capture the beautiful dainty essence of the jasmine flower. So we add high-quality blue lavender from the countryside of France, and dried magnolia flowers from our very own heartland and the South. The mixture of these three flowers creates a unique and floral bouquet of flavors, all while honoring the classic jasmine flower. 
Cocktail Inspiration: Jasmine Lavender Prosecco - A bubbly cocktail infused with your favorite Italian Prosecco, French lavender and jasmine flower essence for a calming, refreshing treat.
Notes: jasmine bushes in spring, French blue lavender, southern magnolia, earthy forest floor, fresh cut grass
Benefits May Include: +antioxidant boost +anti-aging +skin renewal +calming the nervous system  +headache relief  +concentration  +destress
Caffeine Level: medium
Ingredients: oolong tea, green tea, flavors, jasmine flower petals, jasmine flowers, lavender flowers. Blended in a facility that processes nuts (coconut). Vegan. 
Tea Recipe: "Jasmine Green Tea Skin Toner" Beauty Hack
You can do this beauty hack with many different teas. But it works the best with herbal botanicals and green teas.  
Steep 1 cup of FRESH VIBES with your favorite Tea Vibes brewing accessory. A little bit goes a long way with our green tea & oolong blends. So one small teaspoon is more than enough. Steep the tea for 5 minutes. Strain the tea and pour into a mason jar or glass vessel and put it in the fridge. A couple of hours later remove the tea and pour into a small spray bottle. And keep refrigerated. 
Spritz your face with two to three sprays of this toner when you wake up, throughout a stressful work day, or before bed. Your skin will be loving you so much, because green teas are an antioxidant powerhouse. Jasmine is known to have anti-aging properties. And lavender is cooling and stress relieving.