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LUSH VIBES is a delicate loose-leaf green and white tea blend infused with honeysuckle, mango and rose vibes. This is such a gorgeous blend and you'll know what we mean once you open up a package. This blend is by far one of the most aromatic blends of tea we have ever smelled. When brewed this tea gives off the sweet smell of freshly chopped mango with blooming honeysuckle, and rose bushes in Spring. 

We wanted to create a tea that had just a touch of caffeine so we don't have to worry and feel jitters throughout the middle of the day. This tea is blended heavily with white tea which is known for its healing and anti-aging properties, and with very low caffeine. The subtle earthy notes of the white tea and mango infused green tea will have you addicted to this subtly sweet and well balanced tea hybrid. 

LUSH VIBES transports you to the warm of the Spring and Summer and is incredible when it's iced.

Notes: candied mango, honeysuckle, fresh cut roses, honeycomb, citrus peels, earth, grass

Caffeine Level: low

Benefits May Include: concentration, clearing of free radicals, antioxidant boost, anti-aging, skin preservation

Tea Recipe: "The Lush Life"

Having a pool day? You will want to memorize this recipe. 

Brew LUSH VIBES with your favorite Tea Vibes brewing accessory. We recommend making a pot of it and straining into a pitcher. Fill the pitcher with ice and some cold water and you have a gorgeous iced tea. You can enjoy LUSH VIBEs just like this or you can follow the next steps for "The Lush Life".

Pour LUSH VIBES over a cup of ice about 3/4 of the way full. Then, take your favorite sparkling water and fill to the top. If you want you can add a bit of sweetness via some candied mango garnishes or fresh chopped strawberries and berries. You can even add a touch of honey, Stevia or cane sugar. 

Tea Recipe: "LUSH Toner"

You remember that iced tea you made earlier with the recipe above? Take some aside and fill into a small spray bottle. Keep refrigerated. And spray it all over your face as a skin toner when you need to be refreshed. White tea, green tea and rose is incredible for your beauty regiment so have some fun both drinking LUSH VIBES and refreshing your skin with it.

This recipe is very simple but is such a beautiful representation of what Spring and Summer would taste like in a glass.

Ingredients: organic green tea, green tea, white tea, mango, oolong tea, flavors, marigold, rosebuds, cornflowers, pineapple, lemon juice, sea salt, citric acid.  Vegan.