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BOSS VIBES: Crème de Vanille Liqueur Earl Grey

An uplifting Earl Grey loose-leaf tea infused with creme de vanilla and bergamot vibes. When brewed, this Earl Grey gives you that bold signature bergamot aroma, but with the complex twist of smokey malt and creamy French vanilla. If you're into black teas, this will be your new favorite moment in your morning routine. 

Cocktail InspirationEarl's Crème de Vanille Tini 

Notes: bergamot, French vanilla, smokey malt, vanilla liquor, citrus, cream 

Benefits May Include: +antioxidant boost +increased energy

Caffeine Level: high

Ingredients: black tea, organic black tea, oil of bergamot, vanilla extract, cornflower petals, flavors, sea salt, citric acid, malic acid. Vegan.

Tea Recipe: "London Fog" Tea Latte

This is a very popular tea latte that was made famous by Earl Grey. We find that BOSS VIBES elevates the London Fog to a new level. Simply steep BOSS VIBES in your favorite brewing accessory and pour into an Insta-worthy mug. Add a spoon or two of cane sugar and splash it with heavy cream (almond milk or creamer if you're vegan!). That's all. It's pretty much a hug in a cup. And we all know we could use more hugs in life!

Tea Recipe: "Earl Grey Infused Vodka"

Add 8 oz. of vodka into a mason jar. Then add 1 teaspoon of BOSS VIBES Earl Grey tea into the vodka. Place in your refrigerator and let it "cold-brew" infuse for 12-24 hours. The longer it sits, the richer the flavors. Remove the jar and strain the vodka from the loose leaf tea. You're left with this smokey and effervescent vodka, infused with notes of bergamot and vanilla. It's such a fun and flavorful spin for a vodka soda.

P.S. This recipe works beautifully with gin, bourbon and whiskey as well.