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COZY VIBES: Chocolate Ginger Bourbon Chai

This unique loose-leaf chai tea is infused with chocolate, ginger and bourbon vibes. Chai has been done so many ways, so we wanted to get real "hipster" with this recipe. We take all the traditional moments of chai, but add some candied ginger, toasted dark-chocolate, sarsaparilla, and oak-aged vanilla. This combination creates a super complex and savory chai tea with notes of bourbon. Don't worry - we didn't add actual bourbon. Wish we did but we drank it all. 

COZY VIBES chai tea is the perfect way to start your morning as it contains a good amount of caffeine. It's also a great tea to replace coffee - if you splash this tea with cream or almond milk, you will get all those comforting notes of coffee but obviously without the crazy crash.

Also, a lot of our male customers say they keep this tea in their "man cave". Maybe it's because of the bourbon vibes? We dunno why exactly, but we like it!

Notes: cinnamon, nutmeg, candied ginger, dark chocolate, sarsaparilla, vanilla, clove, peppercorn, malt 

Caffeine Level: high

Ingredients: black tea, roasted cocoa beans, ginger, cinnamon, roasted green tea, roasted yerba mate, crystallized ginger, flavors, dark chocolate chips, dark cocoa powder, pink peppercorns, sea salt, citric acid. Blended in a facility that processes nuts (coconut). Vegan. 

Tea Recipe: "The Best F#!*ing Chai Tea Latte"

This recipe is super easy, just the way we like it! And it really does make the best chai tea latte. All you need is COZY VIBES chai tea, sugar and milk. If you have a little whipped cream and sprinkles, then get ready to impress.

Using your favorite Tea Vibes brewing accessory, steep COZY VIBES in boiling water for about 5 minutes. Pour the hot tea into your coolest mug, leaving a little bit of room at the top. Add 1-2 teaspoons of cane sugar or Stevia (or whatever you want to use) and add a heavy splash of milk, almond milk or cream. Give everything a stir and you're done. Because we added milk to this chai tea, you can really taste the complexity come through the drink. You will feel like you're being hugged with comfort by every sip.

P.S. If you're making this for friends or a dinner party in the winter, top the mug with a little whipped cream and dash it with some sprinkles. And you have created a speciality and festive drink for your party.

P.S.S. Oh, and this recipe can be a night cap or after dinner drink as well. Splash a shot of Baileys or coffee liquor into it and you'll be in love.