Caramel Cream Twilight™

tea Vibes
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caffeine-free loose leaf rooibos tea with creamy caramel and vanilla toffee vibes. This blend has been well received since our launch and we owe that to its versatility. Rooibos teas have a natural honey and molasses taste to them so they are perfect for curating as a "dessert tea". And we have done that so beautifully with this fan-favorite blend! When brewed, it's a beautiful rich amber color and gives off aromas of toffee, caramel and molasses. Try a cup of this tea after meals or before bed and you will be amazed at how it cuts your sugar cravings. 

Benefits May Include: +antioxidants +fight sugar cravings

Caffeine Level: none

Ingredients: organic rooibos, toffee caramel bits (contains dairy), dried ginger, dried orange peel, vanilla, sea salt, citric acid.

Every size comes packed in a sleek, eco-friendly pouch with a hidden, re-sealable zipper, to ensure maximum flavor and freshness. 


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