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HUSTLE VIBES: Roses & Rosé Black Tea

A bold black loose-leaf tea infused with pink and red rose petal vibes. You've never had rose tea like this (and we aren't talking just a couple of rose petals thrown into some tea). We actually soak our black tea leaves in real rose water to fully roast that beautiful flavor in. And then of course we add a very generous (and beautiful) amount of dried pink and red rose petals from India (the rose mecca of the world). Every sip is floral-forward and well-rounded.

When brewed, this tea is a rich caramel color and gives off the scent of a classic black tea, and of course, the beautiful dainty aroma of freshly cut roses. We call this blend HUSTLE VIBES because rose delivers so many anti-aging properties from the inside out. And TBH, the caffeine kick doesn't hurt. 

HUSTLE VIBES is an incredibly versatile tea in that it tastes just the same hot or iced, and it's so perfect as a tea latte.

Cocktail Inspiration: Rosé Floral Spritzer

Notes: fresh cut roses, floral ivy, molasses, smoke, vanilla, caramel, malt

Benefits May Include: +antioxidants +increased energy +hydration

Caffeine Level: high

Ingredients: black tea, organic rose petals, rose buds, natural flavors. Vegan.

Tea Recipe: "Iced Black Rose Milk Tea"

We love our Iced Black Rose Milk Tea because the presentation is super unique. When you serve this to your guests they will love the changing ombre colors from dark brown to light brown to white at the top. It kind of looks like a galaxy and that makes this drink so Instagram-able. 

Boil some water and steep HUSTLE VIBES in your favorite brewing accessory. Add 1 teaspoon of cane sugar, honey, Splenda or Stevia per cup of hot tea (e.g.: 4-cup teapot will need 4 teaspoons of sugar). Let steep for 4-5 minutes. 

Fill a 16o.z glass with ice to the top. Pour the hot tea concoction over the ice about 3/4 full. Then, fill the remaining level with almond milk, cashew milk, whole milk or anything you choose. Bam! That's it. You can add more sugar if you're craving a sweet treat, and steep the tea for less time for a less of a caffeine kick.