DON't BE a BASIC B!#$%

About Our Vibes

We're two guys who happen to share a love for two things: each other and tea. It's the one thing we have to get from each city during our travels. And the one thing at the end of the day that gives us a few moments to pause, calm the f***k down, and sip. 

 But we were tired of getting teas that are basic-b***h tasting and come in packages you can't wait to store away. Why can't tea be sexy? Why can't the flavors be exciting? Why can't it be something you enjoy sipping with intention and displaying? We combined our love for tea, Melrose street-style inspirations, and Cali vibes into every unique loose-leaf tea blend we've crafted and sourced from around the world. All of our teas are fair-trade/sustainable, made with organic and/or natural ingredients, and packaged in eco-conscience, reusable containers.

 We hope you #FeelTheVibes and the love with every sip. 

F & J