We're two guys who happen to share a love for two things: each other and tea. In fact, we had our first date at a tea shop and talked for hours about our obsession with tea. It’s the one thing we have to get from each city during our travels. And the one thing at the end of the day that gives us a few moments to pause, calm the f*ck down, and sip. 

But we were tired of getting teas that were basic-b*tch tasting! It seems that all teas come in packages you can't wait to store away, like something your cutie-patootie grandmother gave you. Why can't tea be sexy? Why can't the flavors be exciting? Why can't tea be something you enjoy sipping with intention and displaying on your overpriced CB2 console?

We’ve combined our love for tea and Cali vibes into every unique loose-leaf tea blend we source from around the world. Every blend is named after a different vibe that we want you to feel when you’re sipping away. All of our teas are fair-trade and sustainable, and packaged in eco-conscience, reusable containers - all blended locally in the heart of LA’s Melrose district, by our very own expert mixologist. 

 We hope you #FeelTheVibes and the love with every sip.