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T-TOX is a daily ritual that hydrates, cleanses and calms. A simple habit designed to lighten your body and lift your spirits. Without having to change your diet or your lifestyle (keep making healthy choices!), you can enjoy our handcrafted, natural and organic teas on our recommended schedule and get the full benefits of all the naturally occurring healing herbs and metabolism boosting properties.

Just ONE 16oz. Cup or TWO 8oz. Cups 5 times a day of each tea will have you glowing from the inside out!

(1) 56 Cup Bag of Mint Citrus Vitality™: An exquisite oolong loose-leaf tea infused with berries and champagne vibes.
Ingredients: organic green tea, peppermint, green tea, cucumber, lime pieces, lemon peel, lime juice, flavors, stevia, lemon myrtle, lemon juice, sea salt, citric acid, malic acid. Vegan. Contains caffeine. 
(1) 56 Cup Bag of Watermelon Citron Escape™: A refreshing loose-leaf sencha green tea infused with dried watermelon, lime, and basil vibes. 
Ingredients: apples, rosehips, organic green tea, hibiscus, pomegranate, carrots, organic lemon myrtle, watermelon seeds, flavors, lime pieces, lemon peel, basil, lime juice, lemon juice, stevia, sea salt, citric acid, malic acid. Vegan. Contains caffeine. 
(1) 56 Cup Bag of Mango Honey Heaven™: A delicate loose-leaf green tea infused with subtly sweet honeysuckle, mango and yellow rose vibes.
Ingredients: organic green tea, green tea, white tea, mango, oolong tea, flavors, marigold, rosebuds, cornflowers, pineapple, lemon juice, sea salt, citric acid. Vegan. Contains caffeine.  
(1) 56 Cup Bag of Honey Cream Dream™: A naturally caffeine-free, dreamy loose-leaf chamomile tea infused with honey, bee pollen and vanilla bean vibes.
Ingredients: chamomile, organic honeybush, lemongrass, licorice, flavors, twig tea, toasted coconut, hand-cut vanilla bean, chicory, stevia leaf, honey, sea salt, citric acid. Caffeine-free. 
(1) 56 Cup Bag of Healing Sage Serenity™:  A detoxifying, caffeine-free  loose-leaf tea elixir infused with a blend of cleansing herbs and revitalizing floral vibes is our exclusive blend that brings it all together! 
Ingredients: salvia (sage) leaves, blackberry leaves, wild strawberry leaves, raspberry leaves, reship peels, orange peels, sunflower blossoms, organic rose flowers, organic lavender flowers, organic marigold flowers and blossoms. Vegan. Caffeine-free. 
*PLEASE NOTE: Each tea blend will make approximately 56 cups based on one teaspoon per 8oz. cup. All teas blended in a facility that processes nuts (coconut). T-TOX may not be applicable to all discounts unless noted. Adjust amount of tea per cup/brewing time based on caffeine sensitivity. PLEASE ALLOW ADDITIONAL PROCESSING TIME FOR ALL T-TOX PURCHASES DUE TO A HIGH VOLUME OF ORDERS.
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