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SAVAGE VIBES: Vanilla L'Orange Old Fashioned English Breakfast

An elevating English Breakfast loose-leaf tea infused with oak-aged vanilla and marigold vibes. There's not much you should do to English Breakfast tea, and those Brits will get mad if we do! So, we've created the perfect marriage of flavor to English Breakfast, while still honoring its classic profile.

At first steep, you get super bold and rich molasses aromas. At first sip, you get comforting and malty notes followed by oak, with a little touch of vanilla. This tea is almost as caffeinated as coffee, but without the crash, making it a great coffee replacement. And OMG, it's even more delicious iced or with a splash of cream.

Cocktail Inspiration: Old Fashioned

Notes: malt, vanilla, honey, molasses, oak, cedar

Benefits May Include: +antioxidants +increased energy

Caffeine Level: high

Ingredients: black tea, natural flavors, marigold petals. Vegan. 

Tea Recipe: "Southern Sweet Tea"

We all have had sweet tea. It's such a staple to culture in the South and we love getting Southern with SAVAGE VIBES. You get your classic sweet tea fix, but with little notes of oak and vanilla...making it a new spin on a classic tradition. 

Boil 32oz. water. Add 4 tablespoons of SAVAGE VIBES and boiling water into a teapot. Let steep for 15 minutes. Usual steeping time is only 3-5 minutes but we are making a tea concentrate. Add 1 cup of cane sugar into a large pitcher. Add the hot strained tea concentrate to the sugar, and stir until dissolved. Then, pour 32oz. cold water into a pitcher. Then just pour over ice.

P.S. If you don't want sweet tea, no problem. Just don't add sugar. It's just as delicious. And for diabetics and no-carbs diets, just use Stevia or Splenda.