As much as we love and believe in the quality of our one-of-a-kind tea blends, we get it, change can be scary. And trying something new can be risky, especially when it comes to consumable products that can't usually be returned (even on Amazon!), like tea...until now. Since going against the grain and breaking the rules through innovation is what we do best, we've launched our all-new Tea Vibes Money Back Guaran-Tea™. Every a-la-carte bag of tea you now order (any size), comes with a separate mini sample bag for you to open up and try before you open up the larger bag you purchased. Each mini sample bag can easily make a few cups of tea. Brew it up and sip it slowly…love it? Keep it and enjoy every sip. If the tea blend you purchased isn’t your “cup of tea”, simply send back the unopened bag to us for a refund of the tea(s) you purchased...but we have a feeling that you won't need to. After all, we've crafted every one of our unique tea blends to taste incredible, smell beautiful, and look exquisite. Searching for the best black teas/best black teas online doesn’t have to feel like you’re taking a risk anymore.