Tropical Hibiscus Sunset™

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This exquisite tisane is an herbal caffeine-free blend, made with hibiscus, coconut and tropical fruit vibes. This tea is one of our most aromatic teas, and once you open the package you will be transported to your favorite tropical beach, surrounded by fresh fruits and the scent of summer. When brewed, out most popular hibiscus tea is a deep red-crimson color and gives off a gorgeous presentation. And one of the biggest perks to this tea? It's so flavorful, but it has zero caffeine!

Benefits May Include: +anti-inflammation +prevent hypertension +lower blood pressure

Caffeine Level: none

Ingredients: pineapple, toasted coconut (contains nuts), hibiscus, lingonberry, elderberry, mango, natural flavors. Vegan. 

Every size comes packed in a sleek, eco-friendly pouch, with a hidden, re-sealable zipper, to ensure maximum flavor and freshness.


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