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An elevating English Breakfast loose-leaf tea infused with oak-aged vanilla, ginger peel, and marigold vibes. There's not much you should do to English Breakfast tea, and the Brits will get mad if we do! So, we've created the perfect marriage of flavor for our English Breakfast, while still honoring its classic profile. *Formerly named Savage Vibes

Benefits May Include: +antioxidants +increased energy

Caffeine Level: high

Ingredients: black tea, natural flavors, vanilla, ginger peel, orange peel, marigold petals. Vegan. 

Backed by our Tea Vibes Guaran-Tea

Every bag of tea you order now (any size) comes with your first few cups on us, in a mini sample pouch for you to try! Brew it up and sip it slowly…love it? Keep it and enjoy every sip. If the tea blend you purchased isn’t your “cup of tea”, simply send back the unopened bag to us for a refund.

*Discounted teas may not be applicable for Tea Vibes Guaren-Tea.*

Every size comes packed in a sleek, eco-friendly pouch, with a hidden, re-sealable zipper, to ensure maximum flavor and freshness.


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