Detox Endeavors

Detox Endeavors

While living in a cell-phone entranced society, it's time to get your Om on. 

“Boss Vibes” Stimulate Healthy Living

Light a vanilla-scented candle and voilà, you instantly feel relaxed and at peace. Ever walk past a person wearing a vanilla-scented fragrance and wonder why you feel calm and possibly attracted to the person. Those vibes are real and Tea Vibes “Boss Vibes” Earl Grey loose leaf tea, infused with creme de vanilla and bergamot, also stimulates an elevated feeling with each cup.

Extraordinary Tea for the Rich and Famous and Anybody Who Dreams of Greatness

Tea is sexy. For evidence, check out all the actresses who sip and swoon over it. And now taking tea is in style like never before with the popularity of Tea Vibes, the loose-leaf fair-trade, sustainable organic premium brand.