We’re all looking for a new way to wow our guests when we host a dinner party or just a fun way to treat ourselves after a long day of work. So, today we are going to get into some “Teaology” - the fusion of brewing tea and mixology. And we are going to show you how to make the ever-so-celebratory “Bubbles N’ Bougie”.

“Bubbles N’ Bougie” is a sparkling cocktail. It’s effervescent and refreshing with a beautiful light crimson color. It’s the perfect before-dinner drink since it’s so light; it’s also a great pairing with a tart dessert, such as Key Lime Pie or a Citrus Sorbet. This dainty hibiscus based elixir has notes of pomegranate, plum and raspberry jam that will have your guests asking you “WTF is in this?”. At that point it’s acceptable to laugh and tell them “It’s packed with antioxidants too - so we are anti-aging while we drink!” Then wink. 

What You’ll Need:

Bougie Vibes by Tea Vibes

Teacup Infuser by Tea Vibes

Raw Honey, Organic Cane Sugar or Sweetener Substitute (Stevia, Splenda, etc.)

Sparkling Water

Sparkling Wine, Prosecco, or Champagne 

Cocktail Shaker


*This recipe makes 4 cocktails, based on 8oz. glasses

Step1: Add (2) teaspoons of Bougie Vibes oolong tea into your Teacup Infuser. Place into 8 ounces (1 cup) of boiling water. Let steep/sit for 7 minutes (we want the flavors of Bougie Vibes to be fully extracted which is why we are steeping for longer than the usual 3-5 mins recommended time). 

Step 2: Add (2) heaping tablespoons of raw honey or organic cane sugar. We prefer the raw honey as it’s a beautiful harmony to the dark berry notes of the tea but really, any sweetener works. If you are sensitive to sugar or are diabetic, you just need to add (2) packets of a sugar alternative (Stevia, Splenda, etc.). Stir this mixture until the sweetener dissolves (all while leaving the infuser still emerged into the water). Once dissolved you may remove the Teacup Infuser.

Step 3: Fill your shaker with a large amount of ice, then pour the Bougie Vibes tea infusion over the ice. Give it a few shakes and quickly pour the infusion into a separate pouring glass - this process rapidly chills the infusion (so your cocktail will not be warm). 

Step 4: Now for the fun part! Get out your favorite champagne flutes or cocktail tumblers and pour (4) ounces of chilled champagne/sparkling wine into your glass. Then add (2) ounces of chilled sparkling water and (2) ounces of your Bougie Vibes tea infusion. Give it a subtle stir, sip, and #FeelTheVibes.

Step 5: Insta-story your Bubbles N’ Bougie creation to impress all your followers! 

P.S. This recipe can also be consumed as a mocktail - the perfect drink when mom comes over for lunch on a hot summer day (unless your mom isn't a regular mom, but she's a cool mom). Just substitute the champagne with extra sparkling water: (6) ounces sparkling water and (2) ounces of the Bougie Vibes tea infusion (as a mocktail, we prefer it over ice).

P.S.S. If you don’t like champagne or your guests prefer a spirit, we also love this cocktail using vodka or gin: (1.5) ounces of vodka or gin (as a single shot) with (4) ounces of sparkling water and (2) ounces of the Bougie Vibes tea infusion. We recommend serving this recipe variant on the rocks with a lemon or lime twist. 

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