Hi, Babes! Jennis here...master mixologist and co-founder of Tea Vibes.

During these cozy, but cold winter months, I have been in search of comfort more than ever lately. When I think about comfort, a few things pop into my mind: pizza with ranch dressing, creamy chicken tikka masala, my grandmother, and a beautiful rich black tea with a dash of cream and sugar.

Now that I'm thinking of my grandmother...whenever I was younger, and was feeling a little sick, she would brew me a bold herbal tea with honey. I would lay my head on her lap, and she would rub my messy blonde locks (which are now turning a blondish-grey).

All this reminiscing made me crave a cocktail. And I was inspired to pay homage to that comfort I felt when I was a just a kid, spending time with my grandmother. So, on this rainy day I brewed myself a pot of Boss Vibes, by Tea Vibes: it’s a robust loose leaf Earl Grey tea, smoked, then infused with a Creme de Vanilla Liquor & bergamot. It’s creamy, bold and so comforting. I thought to myself, "this would be so nice as a cocktail!" I looked over at my bar cart, and bingo: bourbon. And at that moment it happened: Earl Grey meets Old Fashioned…Grey Old Fashioned anyone?

An Earl Grey Old Fashioned is an elevated version of the classic cocktail, with the rich and warm flavor of tea-infused bourbon. It’s just the comforting drink you need to unwind with at the end of a long day. I took that classic cocktail that I love, and elevated it with tea-infused bourbon.

So, while it’s been gloomy, and a little bit of a damper over here lately, at least I can turn to the food and drinks I love for a little comforting bliss.

Step 1: Craft an Earl Grey Infused Whiskey/Bourbon


1 teaspoon Boss Vibes Earl Grey tea 

1 cup whiskey/bourbon (your favorite kind)

Instructions: Add bourbon to an airtight container with Boss Vibes Earl Grey loose leaf tea. Close the container and infuse for 24 hours. Strain the tea leaves.


Step2:  Craft Your Grey Old Fashioned


2 oz Earl Grey Infused Bourbon

1/2 oz simple syrup

2 dashes Angostura bitters

2 dashes orange bitters/1 orange peel


Instructions: Grab your favorite double-old fashioned glass, add simple syrup, both bitters, and the infused whiskey/bourbon (from the above recipe). Stir well. Add ice. Garnish with an orange peel.

P.S. If you're not an Earl Grey fan, you can substitute it with our Sunrise Vibes blend: an English Breakfast loose-leaf tea infused with oak-aged vanilla and marigold vibes. 

Stir. Sip. And Reminisce. 

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by Kelsey

This is a genius combination! I am definitely going to try it, sounds like the perfect winter cocktail.