While living in a cell-phone entranced society, it's time to get your Om on. 

  1. Undertake a 3-time-a-week mindful meditation in a meditation studio or at home with one of a number of OM apps. It will reduce stress and increase a sense of joy. 
  2. Smudge your living space with sage, and follow with positively energizing palo santo. The finishing touch: spritzes of love-enhancing rosewater mist. 
  3. Add more fatty fish, avocados and coconut to follow a fat-burning Keto diet to maintain muscle mass. You’ll feel and look great. 
  4. Add a tray of eucalyptus plants to your bathroom for heat and steam activated oxygen boosting showers. It’ll boost your moods and filter toxins every time you shower. 
  5. Detox your body with a 5-minute cellulite-reducing, exfoliation using a natural bristle brush. Its invigorating and will remove toxins from your body naturally. 
  6. Embrace the latest superfood for its anti-inflammatory powers: moringa. The healing super-green from south of the border has twice the protein of spinach and three times as much iron, according to nutritionists. The plant has a mixture of flavors from sweet to nutty and grassy. 
  7. The 14-day, Pillar Life T-Tox by Tea Vibes. It is an amazing body-lightening indulgence destined to calm, cleanse and hydrate your body as well as lift your spirits. Enjoy 2 cups a day of the Tea Vibes handcrafted, natural and organic blends to get the full benefits of all the healing herbs and metabolism boosting properties. After 7 days of the Tea Vibes T-Tox, you’ll glow from the inside out. The names inspire a feeling of zen including: Soul Vibes, Spa Vibes, Poolside Vibes, Lush Vibes and Chill Vibes. The Tea Vibes blends are intoxifying and detoxifying. For example, Soul Vibes is blended with salvia (sage - blessed by a crystal healer!) leaves; blackberry, wild strawberry and raspberry leaves; orange peels; sunflower blossoms; organic rose, marigold and lavender flowers.

May the Om be with you!