Light a vanilla-scented candle and voilà, you instantly feel relaxed and at peace. Ever walk past a person wearing a vanilla-scented fragrance and wonder why you feel calm and possibly attracted to the person. Those vibes are real and Tea Vibes “Boss Vibes” Earl Grey loose leaf tea, infused with creme de vanilla and bergamot, also stimulates an elevated feeling with each cup. Vanilla benefits are longer than your “to do” list including the following: it lowers blood pressure, stimulates cell and tissue regrowth, reduces inflammation in the body, boosts libido, regulates menstruation, induces sleep, suppresses the appetite, fights infections, helps with weight loss, reduces sugar cravings, relieves toothaches, soothes anxiety, reduces cholesterol, and prevents cancer. It's surprising it doesn’t wash windows with all it can do. That’s why the natural healing properties of vanilla make it an increasingly popular ingredient. It’s super easy to add to your daily regime with a cup of Tea Vibes “Boss Vibes". 

The natural and organic black tea made by Tea Vibes has the added benefit of oil of bergamot, with a sweet and spicy scent. It has many similar assets to the vanilla because its known to also: aid digestion, boost oral health, lower blood sugar levels, reduce fevers and soothe coughs.

All Tea Vibes tea blends are offered as loose-leaf teas. For ease of use, the Tea Vibes teapot infuser has a stainless steel infuser and brews up to four 6 ounce cups of Tea Vibes for the very best, relaxing beverage around for a million reasons - including the number one reason: you and your well-being. 

John Lennon said, “Peace is not something you wish for; it’s something you make, something you do, something you are, and something you give away.” Make yourself a cup of Tea Vibes and make peacefulness your mantra.